Organizational Development

Your organization needs to be tended to. Old systems and procedures are upgraded, old filing systems are improved, and so should your organizational practices and relationships. Problems arise from communication protocols, reporting relationships, cultural norms, competitive natures, conflicting goals and defunct projects.

Don't let your organization get too set in it's ways. Refresh, renew and rebuild.

Here are some examples of Organizational Development engagements,

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching isn’t just for executives. There are those who need to upgrade their management or leadership skills or to learn to operate at a higher lever in the organization. Everyone can use someone to talk to, someone in their corner, someone to give them an outside perspective and someone with no political agenda.

Meeting Facilitation

You can’t both facilitate a large meeting and participate effectively. We can plan goals, design agenda, facilitate your meeting, manage focus, increase participation, capture detail and work assignments, send minutes and do follow up mailings and reminders.

Meetings can be a prime opportunity to develop subordinates, too. We can work on presentations, provide feedback and coaching and help to ensure a successful development assignment.

Here are some examples of Meeting Facilitation work we have done.

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