Jennifer Guy

is a Management Consultant and Executive Coach living and working near Princeton, NJ. She has been a consultant since 1992 and had her own firm since 1996.

Guy works with a loose consortium of other consultants as the engagements require.  Consultants in Finance, HR, Organizational Development, Computing and Executive Coaching come together to address specific needs and produce a well-coordinated result for each engagement.

They work internationally, having consulted with clients in Canada, England, China, France and Japan with a varied client list.  The work product ranges from private one-on-one executive coaching to full change efforts of entire divisions to process redesign in manufacturing facilities. They can provide process improvement, departmental or divisional redesign including culture change, project management training and executive development.

Guy has invented a project design and management protocol and an entire program to develop project managers as leaders in an organization while fulfilling a real business need. She has also invented a competency model for leadership based on strategy. Both tools that are useful in myriad situations.

Work Product

To look at the various types of engagements, check out the Services and Projects pages.


With undergraduate and masters degrees from Ohio State University and the University of Phoenix, in addition to myriad courses and programs over the years, Guy uses all of her experience and education to provide tools for organizations to weather change by embracing it.  She attends conferences on systems thinking and change management as well as professional coaching.

She lives with her husband and their dog, and spends her free time in her home workshop or playing the cello in two full recitals per year.

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