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My accupuncturist

May 31st I cannot say enough good things about my accupuncturist! She has been healing my hands and it looks like we are winning the

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Renaissance Man

Steve Hiltner, one of the people in our Documentary theater group invited us to come to a performance he was doing at the Princeton Library.

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Dog Camp Galore

We just got back from a weekend away and we left our dog, Banjo, at Camp Bowwow. We hadn’t left him overnight since we have

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Upping My Game

Now that I’m collaborating with two new pianists, Nishan and Patrick, I realize the need to step up my game. Typically, I’ve had a full

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Our New Dog

We finally did it. We got another dog. We wanted a playmate for our dog Banjo, who spent most of his time lying on the

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Naming a dog

May 31st, 2013 We are planning on getting another dog to keep our current dog, Banjo, company. We notice how he is a different dog

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